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October 1, 2020
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April 1, 2021
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North Carolina Credit Union Division
205 West Millbrook
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Raleigh, NC 27609
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Laws and Regulations

State Laws

  • Credit Union Laws - To access state laws regarding Credit Unions, click the in bold link to the left to Cooperative Organizations, and scroll down to Sub-Chapter III. Credit Unions – Article 14 A through Article 15A (NCGS §54-109.1 - 54-110.10)
  • Chapter 24: Interest - To access state laws regarding Chapter 24: Interest, click the in bold link to the left to the complete Chapter 24 under the North Carolina General Assembly - (NCGS §24-1 - 24-17)
  • Credit Union Commission - To access the statutes detailing the creation of the Credit Union Commission, click the in bold link to the left to Executive Organization Act of 1973 and scroll down to Part 4. Credit Union Commission – (NCGS §143B-439)
  • Legislative Information - To access general information regarding the General Assembly such as the North Carolina General Statutes, legislation, legislative calendar, General Assembly members, etc., click on the above link to the Homepage of the General Assembly
  • NC State Laws - To access other pertinent sections of the North Carolina Statutes, click the bold link to the left.

Rules and Regulations

N.C. Administrative Code, Title 4, Subchapters 6A, 6B, and 6C

N. C. General Statute 150B-21.3A adopted in 2013 requires state agencies to review existing rules every 10 years. An initial review will be completed during the next five years, and thereafter rules will be reviewed on a 10-year review cycle. The Department of Commerce rules are located by subchapters in Title 4 of the NC Administrative Code. The Department’s rules will be reviewed on a schedule established by the Rules Review Commission.

As the rules for the North Carolina Credit Union Division will be reviewed by the Rules Review Commission, the rules are available for public comment on the link available below.

Pursuant to the N.C. General Statutes 150B-21.3A (c) the Department is required to evaluate each of the existing rules and make an initial determination from one of these three classifications:

  • Necessary with substantive public interest – the agency has received public comment on the rule within the past two years or the rule affects the property interest of the regulated public, and the agency knows or suspects that any person may object to the rule.
  • Necessary without substantive public interest – the agency determines that the rule is needed, and the rule has not had public comment in the last two years. This category includes rules that identify information that is readily available to the public, such as an address or telephone number.
  • Unnecessary – the agency determines that the rule is obsolete, redundant or otherwise not needed

Comments will be accepted by e-mail or mail:

Attn. Tony Knox, Rule Making Coordinator
North Carolina Credit Union Division
205 West Millbrook Road, Suite 105
Raleigh, NC 27609

"Public Comment" is defined by G.S. 150B-21.3A(a)(5) as a written objection to all or part of a rule. Additionally, pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A(c)(2), in order for the Rules Review Commission to determine whether the public comment has merit, the public comment must address the specific substance of the rule and address any of the standards of the Commission review, as set forth in G.S. 150B-21(a).

Rules Review:

Rules Report
04 NCAC Chapter 06 Departmental Rules
Comment Period: November 19, 2019 to January 14, 2020

If there are any questions please call Tony Knox, Deputy Administrator (919)571-4888, ext. 204

To all interested parties:

The Credit Union Division in accordance to HB 74 and Executive Order 70 have submitted the fiscal notes for all rules to be readopted with substantive changes. Please see the link below with the approved fiscal note by OSBM.

OSBM has reviewed the Credit Union Division’s proposed changes to 04 NCAC 06C .1302 rule in 04 NCAC 06C in accordance with G.S. 150B-19.1(c). The fiscal note is not required.

The Credit Union Division has also posted on our website at and on the website at the Office of Administrative Hearings, the rule submitted for readoption with substantive changes. Rules that have been submitted with no substantive changes and the rule being repealed will only have the citation listed. The text for this rule will be published upon submission for permanent rules. The tentative effective date is March 1, 2020. If you have any questions you may contact Deputy Administrator Tony Knox at (919) 571-4888 ext. 204 or email at

Please contact Tony Knox at 919-571-4888, or by email at, if you have any questions.

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